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Online Certificate in Animal Ethics

Animal ethics deals with the way we treat animals and discusses what is right and wrong. This discipline has been growing in later years and many people working with animals become more interested in learning about the subject.

Most of the specialists working with animals, however come from a science background and had little exposure to the principles of moral philosophy. This course is specific designed for those who coming from the life sciences want to learn the tools of moral reasoning before engaging in moral arguments about the status of animals.

The course introduces some basic principles of moral philosophy, how the concept of ethical behaviour has developed along history and how philosophers think about morality. These are the basic tools that enable us to engage on discussions of an moral natural and help us in the taking ethical decisions on issues where the interests of humans and animals are at stake.


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AE01: Introduction to Ethics

AE02: Theories of Ethics

AE03: The Moral Status of Animals
AE04: Attitudes to Animals (Option)
AE05: Applied Ethics and Decision Making (Option)
AE06: Animal Rights (Option)



Online Certificate in Animal Ethics



The Online Certificate in Animal Ethics (OCAE) consists of 3 compulsory courses and at least one option from a number of optional courses. Each course is taken individually.

The course materials are in English.

Each course consists of 5 lessons. Each lesson consist of downloadable materials and a forum. You have one or two weeks to read the materials for each lesson, and then the reading week is followed by a forum week where you will discuss some questions with the other participants and the tutor.

To read detailed information about the OCAE, click on the image bellow to download the brochure.



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