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Private tuition and specially tailored courses in

  • English (EFL)
  • Critical Thinking in Business

It is never late to learn something new. We offer an opportunity for addults to learn about interesting specialist subjects not usually available in traditional continuing education programmes.

Life sciences: (biology, ecology, biological antropology, primatology, conservation, zoology.)

Psychology: (human and animal, cognition, neurobiology, how the brain works and what makes us human, human animal interactions.)

Philosophy: (moral philosophy, human, animal and environmental ethics, history of philosophy, how can philosophical theories help us in our daily lives)

Animal Behaviour

A-level tutoring follows the curricula established by the different examination bodies in the UK and prepares the student to successfuly take the required exams.

  • Biology
  • Critical Thinking
  • Chemistry
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies

If we do not offer what you need, we will find you the right tutor.


Critical Thinking is a skill necessary in our daily lives.

At Cambridge Tutors we provide one-to-one coaching or in groups where the participants engage in debate and critical assessment of texts, ideas, opinions and beliefs.

The sessions focus on the struture and content of arguments and on psychology addressing how our mind plays tricks on us when we are assessing and offering opinions.

We offer supervision sessions designed to support students developing research projects, writing dissertations or embarking in a PhD.

Critical thinking helps with

  • analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed research projects
  • evaluate the questions addressed in the project
  • organising your thoughts when writing up the objectives and discussion
  • evaluating the reliabilty of your sources and information in general
Rates depending on the agreed package. Hourly rates: from £25/h

Hourly rates: £15/h

Blocks of more than 10 lessons are discussed in advance between the student and CEIplus depending on the level of difficulty of the subject and the number of sessions.

Groups up to 5 people: £100/person for a block of 10 sessions.

Contact us for a special price groups larger than 5 peopleto or to suit your specific requirements.

Tutoring runs in our premises in Newnham (Cambridge) and can be supported with online tutorials when required. We have a fully equiped lecturing room with access to a library and a projection board.

Adult Continuing Development

This option is for those interested in learning more about particular subjects and not wanting to follow any formal education, where such courses are not available locally. These are usually subjects taken by mature students who just want to widen their knowledge horizons.

Under this section you can choose to learn more about the subjects described in the A-level curriculum, but where you have no interest in taking the exam. You can also learn about the other subjects on offer that can provide you with useful skills in your daily life, such as critical thinking, public speaking, debating, producing gripping PowerPoint presentations, cognitive psychology, animal behaviour, ethics and moral decision making, and introduction to scientific thinking.

Here we create a space for people who have a taste for learning just for the sake of it, to keep your mind active and meet others in the group with similar interests.
These tutoring sessions are combined with a level of teaching and relaxed discussions while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and cookies. You will feel that you are having a chat with friends, but at the same time you will be learning in a structured way.

If you have pets and want to learn more about their behaviours, this is the place for you. Learning about animals also helps us to learn about ourselves.

If you are interested in learning more about science, book some sessions with us and tell us what you are interested in exploring. If we have the expertise to help you in that special subject, we will make an appointment with you and develop your specific tailored plan of self-development. For example, you have heard about the conflict between theory of evolution and creationsim, but you don't really know what the issues are. We are here to help you and guide you through the current knowledge, what is acceptable and why.

Perhaps you are struggling with your own beliefs and need some guidance in exploring your possible paths. We are here to help you to examine your alternatives, providing you with the necessary knowledge that will enable you to take wise decisions. Or maybe you are in doubt about what attitudes you should take in relation to genetically modified organisms. Book some sessions with us, and we will provide you with objective information and suggest methods to evaluate that information. We will never make a choice for you, we simply guide you in using the tools of critical reasoning and we explain the meaning of complex scientific concepts, so you can make up your own mind.

You may want to understand what makes us what we are, how the brain works, but you don't want to take a full course in the difficult concepts in neurobiology. We can help you with a basic understanding of the brain and how it affects what we are.

Some people have a natural tendency to think philosophically but feel intimidated by all those impenetrable concepts created by "professional philosophers". With us you will have an opportunity to explore philosophical concepts without getting lost in words, and explore how several philosophical stances can help us in decision making. A philosophical and cognitive approach to self-analysis can help you to progress in life when you feel you are stuck in unsolvable dilemmas.

We also help you to navigate through the loads of information available, and suggest good readings that will hopefully provide you with some clarity of thought. The length of each session and the number of sessions will be agreed in advance in a contract agreed between CEIplus and the student.


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